“Our Ink expertise and our commitment
to our customers expressed in many shades”

There is a growing global awareness that keeps demanding the creation, as well as, the application of an environmentally safe alternative to solvent based ink systems.

Most printing presses around the globe are now receptive to alternate technologies in order to eliminate the solvent-based systems that give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

This has led to a creation of a niche and fast evolving market for Water Based Inks. And Seven-11 Industries is very much a part of this growing market in India.

By harnessing technological advances, deploying the best of machinery and applying the best ink brains in the business, Seven-11 Industries has come up with a range of Water Based Inks as a viable alternative to soy or other vegetable based inks that have found wide acceptance in the flexographic printing industry.

The range is designed and manufactured to provide a valid answer to environmental issues and is targeted at customers seeking a more sustainable printing ink product. With press friendly properties like excellent flow, gloss, stable colour and good surface appearance the Seven-11 range of Water Based Inks have found rapid acceptance in areas like corrugated and folding cartons, paper bags, multi-wall bags and also the film market.

The versatility of the inks plus the benefits of lower wastage and its ability to be used on multiple substrates have made them extremely popular in short span of time.

With more and more customers getting environment conscious, Seven-11 sees a vast opportunity to cater to their needs with a smart and responsive water based printing inks products.


• Our inks run at 50/250 box pm on high speed TCY machine
• Formulated to run on any paper without shade variation
• Smooth and consistent printability
• No foaming even at high speed runs
• Lead and heavy metal free
• 100 % food grade inks.
• Good mileage
• Inks can be diluted up to 100%. Cushion kept for dilution
• Our inks are odourless
• Rapid drying and good opacity


    HIGHLIGHT – Very high strength. High gloss. Superior mileage.


    HIGHLIGHT – Offers good strength and gloss. Suitable for automatic machines


    HIGHLIGHT – Economical ink for semi-automatic machines

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