“The color of the efforts of every individual
creates a multi-hued success like ours.”

From the beginning itself it has been the team that has defined Seven-11 Industries. Carefully recruited and with clearly spelt out roles, every person in the organization is clearly aware of his contribution.

Composed of ink technocrats, ink specialists, research and development experts, quality assurance staff, machine operators, maintenance staff, marketing personnel, logistics staff and of course a smart and responsive administrative staff, the entire team functions in complete harmony.

It is the responsibility of the Ink Team to ensure that every batch that goes out of the factory meets customer specifications. The Quality Assurance team is also consulted on this. During this process it is the Marketing Team that ensures that orders are matched and delivery deadlines co-ordinated. The administrative team also ensures proper paperwork during dispatch and also works closely with the logistics team to process deliveries.

The ink specialists and the R&D team also work in tandem so that better products are developed for the benefit of its customers.

Professionally qualified, well informed, proactive and always willing to add that extra shade of effort for a customer, it is obvious that the intrinsic quality of its team is what has made Seven-11 Industries see success in every colour.

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