Ink Kitchen - Matching colour with expertise

The highlight of the Seven - 11 Ink Kitchen is the advanced colour matching technology it possesses. The on site installed technology enables it to automatically match colours and get an extremely accurate colour match. This totally eliminates the unpredictability experienced during manual colour matching.

What every printer therefore gets, is a perfect colour match plus inks in the exact quantity. For printers it's almost like having access to their very own mini ink plant. This service saves a lot of time, eliminating wastage and bringing convenience to printers, their clients and of course resulting in a superior print quality and fewer rejections.

Experience the convenience of automated colour matching!

Technology - The very latest
Each Seven - 11 Ink Kitchen is equipped with the most advanced instruments needed for accurate colour matching like Spectro Photometer, orange proofer, mixer etc. The spectro meter is manufactured by Gretag Macbeth and is specially customised for the Seven - 11. The software too has been specially created for true colour reproduction.

Colours - A true match everytime
Each Seven - 11 Ink Kitchen offers Pantone based inks. A combination of 16 pantone colours and 9 base colours will always give you the required match any time.

Save Time - No guesswork
Seven - 11 Ink Kitchen meets your needs under one roof. The L*a*b* values are retained in our system so you can be assured of the same colour whenever you need it.

Accurate Colours & Consistent Quality - Automation at its best
Since the colour matching and ink preparation are automated, you get accurate colours and consistent quality.

Save Inventory - Absolute Convenience
At a Seven - 11 Ink Kitchen, you don’t get just accurate colours you also get the right quantity. This means that you carry only the quantity you require.

Just the right shade. Just in time inks. Just the right quantity.

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