Seven-11 Industries clearly realises that the acceptance, performance and success of its products are dependent on certain key raw materials, controlled processes and modern machineries.

The foundation of success rests on excellence.

Seven-11 has two modern spacious, well- lit and intelligently planned facilities one at Daman and another at Sarigam, in South Gujarat. At both these spaces there are dedicated areas divided into work zones necessary to ensure the uninterrupted production of high quality water based or other printing inks. Separate storage space for raw materials like oils, resins, pigments and additives have been allotted and maintained in a fire safe zone. It sources and uses the best raw ingredients for its inks, be it pigments, vehicles, resins or modifiers.

The two ink plants have also been equipped with all essential machineries like sand, dyno and bead milling machines. It also has a fleet of well-maintained stainless steel mixers to ensure a stable and fine mix. The grinding process is also done with clean equipment and in a controlled environment to get proper paste of product shade and consistency.

The end product is then packed in the appropriate quantities in attractively labeled cans or pails as per customer specifications and then set up in the dispatch area to be delivered. Every single step is monitored, supervised, checked and double checked so that what reaches the customer is nothing but excellence.